Questions to ask your Photographer:

Questions to ask your Photographer:
Are you the one who's going to be shooting our wedding, or will it be one of your colleagues?
Make sure the person whose book you've seen is also the one who takes the pictures. Not only should you meet the photographer in question, but his or her name should be clearly indicated on your contract. This is not to say, the photographer shouldn't have an assistant to help out with lighting, reloading the cameras and getting everyone ready for the respective shots bay ridge  wedding photographer
What percentage of your pictures are candids, as opposed to posed?
This is going to be important if you prefer formal portraits to spontaneous shots, or vice versa, or want a mixture of both Cheap wedding photographer

How many rolls of films or digital images are you going to shoot?
The more pictures your photographer takes, the more shots you'll be able to choose from for the final prints. You'll also want to find out whether pictures will be in color or black and white, or both, and whether you can pick your own album and number of pages. As a general rule, the more flexible your photographer-and the greater the options you're offered-the greater the likelihood that you'll be pleased by the final outcome commercial fashion photography

Have you shot at the selected wedding and reception sites before?
Photographers should be aware of the various rooms' special lighting needs, or specific restrictions regarding picture-taking or, say, the use of flash equipment. If they're not, you should find out whether they will visit ahead of time to familiarize themselves in all these areas Commercial Photography

When must I put the deposit down, and when is the balance due?
Costs are tricky, and you should establish ahead of time what is owed when, and whether it is refundable (rarely!, says Barton) if you decide to cancel. You should also find out whether there is a charge for overtime, if you can hold off payment until the proofs are ready, when the albums will be delivered, and whether you can hold onto the negatives in case you--or other loving members of the family--keep coming back for more! Also, see if there is a lower price for making two or three albums; maybe your Mom or your Mom-in-law would like a small yet professional album Unique and Stylish photographer

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