Engagement Photographers - 11 Essential Hints For Creative Photos

The precursor to the actual event, engagement photography is what helps show the couple's spark with each other and creates widespread awareness of their upcoming wedding. As the photographer, it is important for you to do your research so that the couple's engagement pictures will be creative, interesting, entertaining, love-struck, and most of all, satisfying for the couple themselves.

1) Preview the couple
No, I don't mean to actually screen the couple before you decide to work with them. (Although in some cases, this might actually be a smart idea.) Anyway, get to know who these people ARE in advance. Meet with them over coffee, for lunch, or just chat a while on the phone. The best way for you to get the engagement photos that this couple wants is to figure out what it is that they actually want. Get a feel for their personality and their chemistry together.

2) Keep them connected
This engagement picture tip basically speaks for itself - keep the couple connected with each other. Sure, they are going to be somewhat nervous (especially if they are not super comfortable with you just yet), but do your best to keep them into one another. This leads me to my next pointer...

3) PDA is Okay (and necessary!)
Because an engagement photo session is completely different from a normal headshot, model, or family photo shoot, you have to remember that the overall theme for these pictures is going to be love. Make the couple comfortable and aware that they SHOULD kiss, hug, hold hands, be playful, be silly, and be touchy-feely mushy gushy all they want! It makes the pictures more personal and personable!   Unique and Stylish photographer

4) As always..."Burst mode!"
This seems to be recurring theme in my articles...definitely make a point to use "burst" mode while doing engagement photography. The couple will be nervous, so after they do their initial and stiff pose for the camera (thinking they look natural!), they will loosen up, smile, laugh, look at each other...THOSE are the moments you want to catch more than anything.

5) Location is lucrative
If you have been doing photography, especially engagement photography, for a while, you may know of some great places around your town to take engagement pictures. Prepare yourself with a list of locations and interesting places beforehand that you can suggest to the couple. They most likely will be open and willing to consider anything you have to say! Also, couples frequently travel to other towns for their engagement pictures, so make sure you have tracked down some hotspots that will be aesthetically pleasing.  Famous photographer

6) Do your research!
The only way for you to actually be as knowledgeable and prepared as you want to be (and want the couple to think you are) is to DO YOUR RESEARCH. As with the previous engagement photo tip, research locations for engagement pictures. Look up creative engagement picture poses that you could suggest to the couple during the shoot. Learn what clothing options will be wise to suggest for them to wear...  Bay ridge wedding photographer

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