Wedding Photography - Receipts and Contract Issues

A pretty difficult subject for people to get their head around being a wedding photographer is the simple question of being paid. You see many wedding photographers do it for the love of the art not for the money. This means that they probably don't have an airtight contract or terms and conditions to start with which means they have no way to ensuring they get paid other than withholding photographs from a wedding.    intimate wedding photography

This post is more for photographers than couples; but if you're a couple reading this then read on. It may just answer some questions as to why I or any other wedding photographer does what they do!

First off make sure that you give a receipt to everyone that gives you money whether that be cash or cheque. If you're using PayPal you can sort of get around this, but I have started just e-mailing couples to say the payment has gone through anyway

You need receipts to check what has been paid and when and also I presume your accountant will want to look at these come tax time!
I use a cheap and cheerful receipt book from Staples. It even has that really old-fashioned blue 'carbon' paper in it!!
Next up and the most important item is the contract. Go seek some legal advice and get one drawn up that covers you top to bottom, head to foot. I'm not saying people will deliberately try to shaft you (well, OK I am - some people are just like that.) but a contract tells the world and you clients that you are a professional and you mean business. It's telling them that whilst you love you work you also want to be treated like a professional not some part-timer doing weddings for pocket-money. (And don't get me started on that just yet.)   city hall wedding photographer

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