Wedding Day Checklist: Five Tips for Working with a Wedding Photographer

Wedding Day Checklist: Five Tips for Working with a Wedding Photographer

A wedding is about many things and memories are high on the list. These are memories that will last a lifetime. This is why couples pay good money and spend so much time doing research to find a talented and reliable wedding photographer bay ridge  wedding photographer
It's also important to be able to work with your wedding photographer. Here are some helpful tips from wedding experts on ways to maximize your wedding day picture experience Cheap wedding photographer

Get to know each other. This is called an engagement session. A pre-wedding session with the photographer will help both parties feel more comfortable. The photographer will have a little more insight into the needs of the couple and the couple will feel more relaxed with the photographer before stepping in front of the camera Cheap Wedding Videographer

Location plans. Make sure your photographer has a clear idea on "the location of the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception. Knowing the venue will help the photographer plan and "map out" great spots for pictures Commercial Photography

Get started early. The morning of the wedding ceremony is a great time for pictures. Invite some close family members and friends who may be available for picture-taking. The bride and groom might be busy getting ready but friends and family members can still make great subjects for the photographer commercial product photography

Make time. More time can mean more pictures and more choices of pictures. The more time the wedding photographer has with the couple, the better the finished product.
Create a formal shot list. Think about the formal groupings that need to be captured with a picture. Try to keep the list of combinations to ten or fewer. This will avoid stress and the impatience that often seems to take place between the end of the wedding ceremony and the beginning of the cocktail hour before the reception famous photographer

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